What is an organic object?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Something that is the opposite of geometric and that is three-dimensional in nature defines an organic object. An organic object lacks regularity and symmetry since nature abhors a straight line. It manifests the three dimensions of depth, height and width.

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Q: What is an organic object?
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What object is an example of an organic form?


What is an object is an example of organic form?


What does NON organic mean in photography?

an object that is man made

Which object is an example of an organic form?

look up 'The Scream' byEdvard Munch, that is all organic, if that's what you mean?

Is a wooden chair an organic or inorganic object?

Organic compounds contain carbon, since a tree is made of carbon (as are all living things) then it is safe to say a wooden chair is organic.

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Carbon dating requires that the object being tested contain?

Organic material.

Which is the function of a reproduction system?

To reproduce things, be they man made objects or natural organic object.

What is the full form of oled?

OLED: Organic Light Emitting Diode.

What three ways can you determine a solid material is organic or not?

If it's organic you can usually find cellular activity within/on the object, also how it looks, and feels.. hope that helps

What affects the elimination of bacteria from an object?

Temperature, pH, Number of bacteria present and presence of organic matter

How do you use salt as a preservative?

You slather and cover the thing you want to preserve with salt, since salt draws away moisture, preserving the object. The object must be organic, or once living.