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Q: What is an pair for the analogies for annihilation and obliteration?
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What is the analogy of annihilation and obliteration?

strategy : tactics

What is a word meaning widespread destruction?

Devestation, Annihilation , Obliteration.

When was Obliteration Pie created?

Obliteration Pie was created in 2005.

How can you use the word obliteration in a sentence?

The football game was an obliteration, we were horrible.

When was From Enslavement to Obliteration created?

From Enslavement to Obliteration was created in 1988-10.

When was A Chorus of Obliteration created?

A Chorus of Obliteration was created on 2004-11-16.

What is a sentence with the word obliteration?

I will work my second job with the goal of complete obliteration of my credit card debt.

What rhymes with commiseration?


Do you do analogies?

Yes, we do analogies.

Not all analogies are arguments by analogy Other analogies include?

Explanatory analogies Rhetorical analogies Both A and B

What is the analogies for this pair of words admonish condemn change alter acknowledge ignore look glare advise suggest admit deny?

admonish condemn

Analogies with jaunt excursion resignation?

Resignation analogies