What is an unbalanced or balanced force?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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There is no such thing as a balanced or unbalanced force. There's only a

balanced or unbalanced group of forces.

A balanced group of forces is a group that adds up to zero. An unbalanced group

is a group of forces that doesn't.

Simple example of a balanced group of forces . . . a tug-of-war. 29 strong men

pull on one end of a thick rope, and 47 strong women pull on the other end in

the opposite direction. What happens to the flag hanging from the middle of

the rope ? Nothing ! It doesn't move at all, because when you add up all of the

forces ... 47 strong forces in one direction and 29 stronger ones in the opposite

direction ... they add up to zero, and there's no force at all on the flag to make it

move one way or the other.

If one little boy comes along and pulls on one end of the rope, the group of

forces isn't balanced any more, the combination of forces on the flag isn't zero

any more, and the flag moves in the direction of the little boy.

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Q: What is an unbalanced or balanced force?
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Is inertia balanced or unbalanced force?

-- "Inertia" is not a force. -- There is no such thing as a single balanced force or a single unbalanced force.

What does a unbalanced force cause that a balanced force doesnt?

There is no such thing as "a balanced force" or "a unbalanced force". Only a group of two or more forces can be balanced or unbalanced. An unbalanced group of forces acting on an object causes accelerated motion of the object. A balanced group of forces doesn't.

Is lift an unbalanced force or a balanced force?

Lift can be a balanced force or an unbalanced force. If it is balanced, the airplane will remain at the same altitude. If it is unbalanced, the plane will either rise or fall depending upon the direction of the imbalance.

Is friction unbalanced or balanced force?

it can be both. If its unbalanced the object will move with the force that is greater. Balanced forces have a net force of zero.

Is an unbalanced desk an example of an unbalanced force?

No. There is no such thing as a single force that is balanced or unbalanced, and a desk is not a force anyway.

Is acceleration the result of balanced and unbalanced force?

Acceleration is the result of unbalanced force.

What kind of force create movement balanced or unbalanced?


What is unbalanced force in science?

unbalanced force in science term means that the objects are not balanced

What is the diffence between balanced and unbalanced force?

There is no such thing as a balanced force or an unbalanced force. A groupof two or more forces may be balanced or unbalanced. The group of forces isbalanced if the vector sum of all the forces in the group is zero.

How do unbalanced forces differ from balanced forces?

An object with no force on it will either be at rest or moving with a steady velocity, an object with an unbalanced force, which is the same as saying it has a net force on it, will be accelerating (or decelerating)

Is tension force an balanced or unbalanced force?

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Does a balanced force have a direction?

a unbalanced force hav one direction which clealr mens that a balanced force has no i would prefer unbalanced force cause there is so much to write about