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In most newspapers, there is an opinion page, where various columnists express their views on the issues of the day; these columnists have a by-line at the beginning of the article (it's called a "by-line" because it tells who wrote the opinion piece-- for example, By Joseph Williams. By Heather Donnelly). There is also an editorial page, where the editor expresses the official viewpoint of that newspaper. It may be about a national issue like gun control, or a local issue like building a casino in town. Sometimes, the editorial page editor gives his or her name, but at other times, the editorial will not have the name of the person (or persons) who wrote it. When an editorial does not say the name of who wrote it, that is called an "unsigned editorial."

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An unsigned editorial is an opinion piece in a newspaper or magazine that does not have a byline attributing it to a specific author. It reflects the collective opinion of the publication's editorial board or staff.

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Q: What is an unsigned editorial?
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