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Q: What is an young age range?
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What is the age range for 2142 battlefield?

young teens

What is the age range for young women?


What is the age range for young adult?

19 to 34

What is the age to be young?

Young People covers the age range 10-24 years.

What is the age range in art therapy?

Art therapy can be used with any age group from young children to the elderly.

What age range in the Vtech Learning Laptop suitable for?

The Vtech Learning Laptop is designed to introduce young children to computers. Its target age range is from newborn to approximately 2 and a half years old.

What is the age for young children?

Practically ,age range for young children is between 2 years old to approximately 12?Because when u are above 12,u are called a teenager or youth.;)Anywhere from newborn to 18.

What is the most common age group of drivers who commit road rage?

Young males (can range from ages 18-26).

Can menopause start at 39 years old?

No. The average age of onset is 51. The normal range is fairly wide.

Do you think there are more old people or young people in the population?

young of course. Old would be in the range of maybe 60 or 70 + and youth is anywhere from infant to middle age

When should a child get his first exam by an eye doctor?

Kindergarden is a good age range. To young and it's hard for them to tell you what you need.

What is the appropriate age range to be when using Treasure Trails?

Anyone, any age, can enjoy a Treasure Trail. Trails can be tailored for any particular age group, from young children to adults, or even accommodate all.