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Q: What is another extremely important carbon reservoir?
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Which process moves carbon stored in fossil fuel into another carbon reservoir?


Involves the transfer of carbon from one reservoir to another?

i have the same work sheet as you haha! carbon cycle

What is the major reservoir of carbon on earth?

The ocean is the largest reservoir of carbon on earth.

Oceans are a reservoir for carbon stored as?

Dissolved Carbon dioxide

Why nonmetals important?

Nonmetals are important because they are often the main components of metals and other materials. Carbon is an extremely important nonmetal.

Where is the largest reservoir of carbon located on earth?

In the oceans

What is the largest carbon store found on earth?

The abundance of plants and the fact that they take in so much Carbon Dioxide for photosynthesis makes plants a major reservoir for carbon. Sedimentary rock comprises the largest single reservoir in the carbon cycle. The world's oceans are the second-largest reservoir in the carbon cycle.

What is the primary abiotic reservoir of biologically available carbon?

Coal and other fossil carbon pools

What is carbon pool?

A carbon pool is a reservoir with the capacity to store and release carbon, such as soil, terrestrial vegetation, the ocean, and the atmosphere.

What is the main abiotic reservoir of nitrogen?

carbon dioxide and water

How carbon can be held in certain reservoir for million of years?

An example is the carbon held within a coal seam.

What is the cycle which includes an underground reservoir in the form of fossil fuels?

The carbon cycle is the cycle which includes an underground reservoir in the from of fossil fuels.