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Q: What is another name for Guyana?
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What contribution the Amerindians made to Guyana?

They gave Guyana its

What is the name of the first President of Guyana?

Who is the FirstPresident Of Guyana

What is the name of the Mayor of the six town in Guyana?

what is the name of the six town of guyana

What does the name Guyana mean?

The name of the country Guyana means: The land of many waters.

Is Guyana a female name?

yes Guyana is a female's name.

What is the name of Guyana's first president?

the name of the first president of guyana is Aurthur Chong.

Name the country between Guyana and French Guyana?


What is Guyana correct name?

the correct spelling of Guyana is naguya

What is the official name of Guyana?

Co-operative Republic of Guyana

How did Guyana get its name?

The name "Guyana" comes from the Indian word "guiana" which means "land of waters".

Is Guyana related to Indians or Hindu?

Guyana is the name of a country in South America.

Is Guyana a republic?

Yes. The legal name is the Co-operative Republic of Guyana

What is the name of the national bird of Guyana?

the name of Guyana bird is the cangy pleasant

Old name for Guyana?


What is the longest river in Guyana and what ii its name?

The longest river in Guyana is Essequibo River

What is the name of currency in Guyana?

The currency used in Guyana is the Guyanese Dollar, abbreviated as GYD.

What is Guyana now called?

It is still called Guyana. It changed it's name from British Guinea to Guyana when it was made independent in 1966.

Where did the name Guyana come from?

The name Guyana comes from the word Guiana. The word is Amerindian, and translates to "land of many waters."

What did the Amerindians' contribute to Guyana culturally?

Dances folk songs and Guyana name and all the rivers name

What is the name of the airport in Guyana?

The name of the airport in Guyana is: The Cheddie Jagan International Airport named after one of the deceased presidents of that land.

Waterfalls named by amerindians of Guyana?

three water falls name by the amerindians in guyana

Former name of suriname?

The former name of Suriname was Guyana

What is the name of the beach in Guyana?

shell beach

What is Guyana's name in French?

la Guyane

What is the name of the present of Guyana?

Donald Ramotar