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Q: What is another name for infrared energy?
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What is another word for infrared energy?


Infrared radiation is what type of energy?

Infrared radiation is a type of electromagnetic energy

What is another name for out going infrared radiation?

Radiative heat loss.

Another name for heat radiation?

INFRARED RADIATION is also referred to as Heat Radiation.

What energy does the infrared light give off?

Infrared light doesn't "give off" energy; in this case, it IS the energy.

What Differences in thermal energy can be detected with?

infrared imagery

Another name for heat energy is?

Thermal energy is another name for heat energy.

What is another name for infrared?

Light waves are energy, and are a form of electromagnetic radiation. That makes them similar to radio waves (which have a lower frequency) and X-rays (which have a higher frequency).

How is energy transferred in infrared cooking?

electromagnetic radiation in the infrared band

What is similar to heat radiation?

We know that infrared radiation can transfer thermal energy (heat) from one place to another.

What are the negative effects of infrared waves?

Infrared is heat energy and heat energy can seriously hurt because it can burn

Does infrared high or low energy?

Infrared radiation has less energy (per photon) than visible light.