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What is another name for pure water?

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distilled water

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What is the name of acid present in pure water?

there is no acid present in pure water.

Why rain water is pure water name sources of water?

rain water is in the distilled form so we can say that it is pure

What is the another name for faultless starting with p?

perfect or pure

What is another name for pure alcohol?


What does the name shimizu mean?

Clear water or pure water.

Another name for pure substance?


What is another name for a pure bred organism?

A species.

What is another name for pure substance?


What is the name of the process when you separate pure water from impure water?


What is the meaning of the name Taha?

Pure,another name for prophet Mohammad(saw).

What does the name Nirmala mean?

this means pure water

What name is given to pure water?

Chemically it is H20

What is another name for the noble gases?

pure or inert gasses

What is another name for a pure substance?

look it up element

Distilled water pure substance?

You may regard distilled water as a pure substance. Common salt would be another, as would refined sugar.

What does dihydrogen monoxide mean?

dihydrogen is another word for pure water

What is the name meaning of the name KAILASH?

As pure/clear as water in a river/ocean.

What is the scientific name given to pure water and polluted water?

Scientific name of water is known as Potable Water and polluted water is known as Contaminated water.

Why is pure water pure?

Pure water is pure because it is pure... and because it is pure, it is pure... Got it... What sought of question is that?

What is another name for the water cycle?

Another name for the water cycle is the hydrologic cycle.

Is a desiccant another name for a water molecule?

NO, desiccant is not another name for a water molecule.

What chemical change happens to form water?

The chemical change that happens to form water is when pure hydrogen gas (H2) combine with pure oxygen gas, they get involved with one another, and the slow rate of reaction between the two, create water, but very slowly. The other name for water of course is H2O.

What is another name that Pythagoras was sometimes called?

The First Pure Mathematician

Is pure water an acid or an alkaline?

Neither. Pure water is neutral. But in another sense it is both. Water is an amphoteric substance, having both acidic and basic properties. In the case of water these properties are equal in strength.

Is boiling water a pure element?

If the water is pure, it is a pure element.