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Another name for rain boots are Rain Galoshes or just Galoshes.

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Q: What is another name for rain boots?
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What is another name for boots worn over shoes?

galoshes,or rain boots

What do people wear on rainy days?

Rain suits, pancho's, rain boots, Rain suits, pancho's, rain boots, Rain suits, pancho's, rain boots, dark jeans hoodie boots

Galoshes is another name for what type of shoes?

Galoshes are rubber boots you wear in the rain. The old kind had buckles to close them tightly around your ankles. Galoshes is the old fashioned word for gumboots and wellington boots. Also, the plastic overshoes popular in the 1950's were sometimes called galoshes.

What are rain boots called in India?

Rain Boots - Rubber Shoes and Gum Boots.

What is another name for a snow boot?

winter boots or ugg boots

Where might I be able to find cute rubber rain boots?

Get Outside has lots of rain boots at the beginning of spring. Right when rain boots come into season.

When would you wear galoshes?

"Galoshes" is another name for "rain boots", so you would wear galoshes when it is rainy or wet outside and you don't want to get your feet wet.

Another name for bossy?

Bossy boots

What type of boots are 'bog' boots?

Bogs is a name brand for a certain type of rain boots. Though they come in many sizes and colors, their most distinct feature is the high handle on most of the styles of boots.

Are Burberry rain boots sold with a warranty?

No, Burberry rain boots are not sold with a warranty. However, they can be returned.

Can you airbrush rain boots?

It is one of the best way to paint your rain boots, if you use water resistant paint.

Where can I buy kids' rain boots online?

You can buy kids' rain boots online at One such rainboot I found is