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The Classical Age

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Q: What is another name for the age of Pericles?
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What was the economy in the age of Pericles?

what was Athens economy like in the age of pericles

What was the age of pericles economy like?

what was Athens economy like in the age of pericles

What is the first name of Pericles?

Pericles IS his first name

What is the golden age and explain pericles three goals?

what was the golden age and explain Pericles three goals

Who was leader of the Athenian democracy during golden age?

the most powerful leader in the golden age was pericles the olympian who lead the city to it's height in culture.

Another name for the age of reason?

The age of Enlightenment is another name for age of reason.

Who was the great leader of Athens during its Golden Age was?

Pericles. Enjoy Life! :)

Definition of pericles?

Pericles is a man's name. He is a character in Greek Myth and in the Shakespearean play Pericles.

What was The Age of Pericles in Athens was called?

The Golden Age of Athens

Which was NOT an effect of the Age of Pericles?

the death penalty

Who reigned in a golden age?

Pericles reigned in the golden age of Athens.

What term is used today is used for the art of Athens during the age of Pericles?

Classical Art