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What is another term for rectangle?

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A rectangle that is not square is an "oblong". Or you could say a "box".

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What is another word for rectangle?

What is another word for rectangle?

How many right angles does an oblong have?

An oblong is another term for a rectangle therefore it has four right angles.

What is the term of a 3D rectangle?

A 3 dimensional rectangle would be a rectangular prism.

Is a rectangle another word for a square?

a square is a special rectangle

What are two names for the rectangle?

Rectangle is one, square is another.

What is another name for an isosceles rectangle?

There is no such thing as an isosceles rectangle.

What is one third of a rectangle?

If you split a rectangle into three parts one of those halves is a third of a rectangle.

What is another name for an irregular rectangle?

A rectangle is irregular. The only regular rectangle is a square, so any rectangle that is NOT a square is irregular.

What is congruent to a rectangle?

Another rectangle congruent means the same siz and shape

What is another name for rectangle?

Actually, there are several names for a rectangle that are correct. A rectangle is a polygon, a quadrilateral, and even, sometimes, a square.

What is the name of a tilted rectangle?

A rectangle is a rectangle no matter its orientation, it does not need to be horizontal or vertical to be a rectangle, the term applies only to the internal angle of the corners which of course must be 90 degrees.

What figure could be congruent to a rectangle?

Another rectangle with the same length/width proportions.

What is another name for a Rectangle?

A rectangle is also a polygon, a parallelogram, and a quadrilateral with four right angles.

Another Name For Rectangle?

paralelagram or quadrilateral

What is another word for rectangel?

A "typo", perhaps.Another word for a rectangle is an oblong.

What is the different between the square and rectangle?

square has four equal sides a rectangle has two sides of one length and two of another and the rectangle is longer and thinner

What is another name for oblong?

Rectangle or Oval I think

What is a another word for rectangle?

Wouldn't you like to know...

Can a rectangle have three vertices?

Of course! Every rectangle has three vertices.Plus another one in addition to those.

What is the term to describe a rectangle?

Two opposite sets of parallel lines.

What another term for the term in 2 down?

What another term for the term in 2 down in mathematical

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