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Emily Dickinson wrote, ""Hope" is the thing with feathers--- That perches in the soul--- And sings the tune without the words--- And never stops---at all..."

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Another way of saying "hope springs eternal" is "hope is eternal." Both phrases convey the idea that hope is always present and enduring, despite challenges or setbacks.

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Q: What is another way of saying hope springs eternal?
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How can you get hope in life?

Hope springs eternal. It just happens.

What actors and actresses appeared in Hope Springs Eternal - 2007?

The cast of Hope Springs Eternal - 2007 includes: Erin Tylski as Bikini Babe

How can you be healed of a broken heart?

Hope springs eternal.

How would you use hope springs eternal in a sentence?

The girl badly wanted to attend a party but it was in another town. Her dad already said no. After talking to her friends, she commented that her "hope springs eternal".Hope springs eternal when two young people believe they are in love.Eternal means endless, unending. Spring, in this context, means reaching or grasping for something that is desired. Hope is a heartfelt desire for the hoped-for outcome. So in the idiom, it means "hope", especially misplaced hopes and wants, can go on and on, without being fulfilled and no chance to ever become true. But Hope springs eternal, endless and unending. it is meant as a half-encouraging message to someone who has their mind set on something, but the other person knows the desire will likely never come true. It sounds better to say than bursting someone's bubble with saying the truth: That isn't ever going to happen!

What is an Alexander Pope phrase that is appropriate to the start of a sports season?

Hope Springs eternal

How do you trust people as ones trust is broken most of times?

Hope springs eternal.

How might you say Hope springs eternal in Latin?

"Spes oritur aeternum", I think.

What phrase by Alexander pope could denote the start of a sport season?

The answer is: "Hope springs eternal"

What does Hope Springs Eternal mean?

it means that God is great and good and should be worshiped and if you do he will always make your life good so you should always have hope. Also, Jesus will get you into heaven so that's the eternal part.

When most people are defeated do they think they are finished?

No , "Hope springs eternal in the human breast "- Alexander Pope, An Essay on Man .

How many books are in the prairie river series?

There are four books in the series:A Journey of Hope (or Faith)A Grateful HarvestWinter TidingsHope Springs Eternal.

What are sentences using hope?

I hope to achieve my goals one day. We hope for better days ahead. She clung to the hope that things would eventually get better.