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the right to democratic veiws


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Q: What is another way to say the right to vote?
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What are 4 ways a state can deny the right to vote legally?

This will have to be a laymans answer until corrected by someone more knowledgible. States may legally deny the right to vote to: 1. Those to young to qualify. 2. Non-residents. 3. Convicted felons. 4. Those with fradulent documents.

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What does right to vote mean?

The right to vote is another way of saying that a person has the right to participate in an election, ballot measure, referendum, etc. Elections are typically the way officials are chosen in democracies. The right to vote implies the right to participate. See also popular sovereignty.

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Why is citizenship measured by the right to vote?

It is not. A citizen has the right to vote, not the other way around.

What does the Nineteenth Amendment mean?

it granted womwn the right to vote-apex

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It gave women the right to vote.

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