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What is another word for bunny and rabbit?


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Bunnyrabbit. hare, bunny rabbit,buuny

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Hare is another word for bunny and rabbit.

Another word for bunny is a rabbit, a hare or a Coney. Also, if you are referring to a person, Bunny is used as a nickname for Bernice!

Another name for rabbit is a bunny, hare, and bunny rabbit.

The word "bunny" comes from the Old English word bunwhich referred to a rabbit. Coney was another Old English word for rabbit.

That is the correct spelling of the word "bunny" (a rabbit or hare).

Bunny = conejito (diminutive of 'conejo', rabbit) Spider = araña

another name for chaparral is a bunny rabbit

A bunny is a rabbit, particularly a young rabbit.

The other small name for the rabbit is the bunny. Hare is another

bunny becomes a rabbit when they are a adult rabbit bunny= baby=about 1 yrs rabbit=adult= 2-5

A rabbit, especially a young one

Well a bunny rabbit is a baby rabbit

"Bunny" is just a nickname for "rabbit": it derives from the old word for rabbit, "coney" (pronounced with a soft 'o' like "honey" -- it rhymes with "bunny").Common Usage:The word "bunny" is used in cartoons instead of rabbit, also "Furries" use it for their character names if rabbitd, and many people incorrectly use it to mean baby rabbits.Bunnys are baby rabbits, and rabbits are Well a bunny is just a smaller, younger, not as wiser version of a rabbit. It is the rabbits baby.There's no difference between a rabbit and a bunny. Rabbit is the type of animal it is; bunny is simply an affectionate or whimsical way of referring to a rabbit. Some people go further and call the creatures bunny-rabbits.

A seven letter word for rabbit food is carrots. As in "bugs the bunny loves carrots".

No. A bunny and a rabbit are the same thing.

nothing really. if anything it is like bunny-baby bunny and rabbit-adult or over baby aged rabbit

The Easter Bunny brings the eggs and the Bunny Rabbit eats them!

The word 'rabbit' is a noun, a singular, common, concrete noun; a word for a thing. Other nouns for rabbit would be synonyms such as animal, mammal, hare, bunny, or cottontail.

A rabbit is a animal that is bigger than a bunny. Also,it is almost the same as a bunny.Bunny is a term coined to make the rabbit too cute to eat as food. It usually is used for a young rabbit or the Easter Bunny.

Young rabbits are bunnies, some species of wild rabbits are referred to as hares.Rabbits are often called "bunnies." The word "bunny" comes from the old word for "rabbit," which was "coney." The word "rabbit" actually used to mean baby coneys. Nowadays, rabbits are the grown-ups, kits are the babies, and "bunny" is just a nickname for rabbits.Hares are a related animal, but they are not the same as rabbits.

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