What is another word for competitors?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Adversaries, challengers, opponents, contestants...

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Q: What is another word for competitors?
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What is a sentence using the word competitor?

Just what I need; another competitor. This competitor will fail just as miserably as our previous competitors!

Do you use 's after competitors?

One of my competitors told me that another competitors' tactics were 'gnarly'.It really depends upon the usage of the word... in the first usage, only the plural of the base word 'competitor' is used. But in the second usage, it is the pluralpossessive usage that places the apostrophe outside of the entire word. It is your decision whether or not to add an additional 's' after the apostrophe.See the related link posted below for more information:

What is the root word of competitors?

The root word is "compete". Bella wrote this :)

How do you use this word Proselate in a sentence?

I do not proselate my services to your competitors

Is it inevitably a tort when competitors intentionally injure one another?


Who was Raphael's enemy?

Raphael and Michelangelo were competitors. Enemies? A strong word!

What are the types of competitors in the market?

business competitors business competitors business competitors business competitors business competitors

How do you use the word methodology?

Both competitors used the same methodology; it's a draw.

What is the definition of trials?

Trials are contests in a court of law, or in another field with competitors seeking a prize.

what is the collective noun for competitors?

The collective noun for competitors is a field of competitors.

How many countries participated in wrestling for the 2010 Commonwealth Games?

Twenty-one countries participated in wrestling at the 2010 New Delhi Commonwealth Games:Australia (19 competitors),Cameroon (2 competitors),Canada (16 competitors),Cyprus (2 competitors),England (12 competitors),Gambia (2 competitors),India (21 competitors),Kenya (4 competitors),Malta (1 competitor),Mauritius (2 competitors),New Zealand (6 competitors),Niue (1 competitor),Northern Ireland (1 competitor),Pakistan (6 competitors (4 competitors),Scotland (10 competitors),Sierra Leone (2 competitors),Solomon Islands (2 competitors),South Africa (13 competitors),Sri Lanka (3 competitors) andWales (3 competitors).

What does it mean to undercut somebody?

When somebody, generally a company, is attempting to undercut another, it involves selling products for less than your competitors and giving a discount. This is ultimately a way to undermine competitors and gain popularity.