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is a greeting word, by definition. A few examples are: greetings, , salutations, hey, hi there

If you are looking for the opposite of a the word, which is a greeting word, then that would be a Parting Phrase.

A few examples are: Goodbye, Take care, bye,.

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Another word for greet is welcome.

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Q: What is another word for greeting?
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What is another name for the word welcoming?

a warm greeting.

How do you spell helo?

- a word used when greeting another person

Another word for welcome?

Reception Desired Esteemed Friendliness Greeting Hospitality

What is the meaning of the word shalom and where you can find that word in bible?

It is the Hebrew word for 'Peace' and is commonly used when greeting or departing another.

What is the homophone for high?

A homophone is a word that is pronounced the same as another word but differs in meaning. High and Hi (a greeting) are homophones.hi

Where was hi made?

If your talking about the greeting "Hi" Then it was used for English. It also comes from another word: Hello.

What is the spanish word for hello?

hello = holapronounced (OH-lah).The polite greeting "good day" is buenos dias. Another greeting is saludo.Hola. They speak Spanish.

What is the Hebrew word for greeting?

greeting = brachá (ברכה) or ichúl (איכול)

What does mean WELLCOME?

"Welcome" is a word for greeting guests to the home. It means "you are a guest and I am happy that you are here". The word is a greeting also for speaking lecturers to invite students to listen. It is a warm greeting to invite another person to share hospitality. The word today comes from old English phrase, "well come" similar to "well met". It was an expression of approval when another person was greeted upon meeting. While "well met" has dropped out of the language as a phrase, welcome has become a standard greeting.

How would you say the word greeting in German?

A greeting is der Gruß in German.

What is another name for greeting?


What is the opposite word for greeting?


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