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Persuade, encourage, welcome.

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Q: What is another word for invited?
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Related questions

What is the past participle of the word invited?

The word "invited" is the past participle of invite.

What is one word for someone who is not invited?

The one word for a person who has not been invited is the gatecrasher.

Is invited an adverb?

No, it is not an adverb. Invitation is a noun.

Is the word invited a noun or a verb?

The word invited is a verb. It is the past tense of the verb invite.

What is a sentence using word invited?

I was invited to my friend's birthday party.

What is another word for asked?

inquire, query, question, interrogate, examine, directions, quiz

How would you use the word invited in a sentence as an adjective?

It was difficult to figure out which were the invited guests and which were not.

The couple was pleased to be invited or the couple were pleased to be invited?

When trying to find the solution to a grammar question, the trick is to figure out if the word you are using is a singular word or a plural word, The word "couple" is a singular word - you have one couple. Therefore, you would say "The couple was pleased to be invited."

What is a five letter word for invited person?


What is a sentence with the word cordially?

You are cordially invited to answer this question.

Was I just invited to a growth machismo?

To answer your question I have to ask another question, What is the evidence that you have been invited? We need more information.

Is the word their first or third person?

The possessive adjective 'their' is a third personpronoun, a word that takes the place of a plural noun or two or more nouns to describe a noun as belonging to those spoken about.Examples:Mark and Marie have invited us to theirparty.The Moores have invited us to theirparty.The neighbors have invited us to theirparty.They have invited us to their party.

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