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rough draft is another word for pre-write.

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Q: What is another word for pre-write?
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How do you spell prewrite?

The verb prewrite is not a formal word, although prewriting is, as the process that precedes actual essay writing. You technically cannot "prewrite" something.Prewriting can include topic lists, research, and preliminary outlines.

In the sentence Complete the prewrite Sheet tonight is the S in sheet incorrectly capitalized?

Yes, it is. Capitalization occurs when the word is a proper noun (meaning it's a specific name, in common English). If you wanted to capitalize Sheet, you must also capitalize "prewrite" so that the sentence reads: "Complete the Prewrite Sheet tonight." Then "Prewrite Sheet" becomes the title of the sheet itself, whereas just plain "sheet" is a simple noun and should not be isolated in capitalization.

Is prewrite a noun or verb?


What do writers do in the prewrite step?

Think of ideas to write about

Why do writers prewrite?

To organize their ideas before writing ... (apex)

Why might you prewrite before beginning a first draft?

to explore a topic you are considering writing about

How detailed should a prewrite be when you are writing a book?

As detailed as you want it to be! Your "prewrite" is just a set of notes for you, to get you started down the road to writing. Some writers just jot down a few lists, others create maps, genealogies character information pages, and languages before they begin!

What is the first step to take when filling out a job application?

Be sure what you're going to write. Prewrite before you publish.

What are two types of prewriting?

Prewriting is a great way to organize your thoughts or generate ideas. Depending on the type of writing there are many ways to prewrite; outlining topics, points of interests, or subjects is a great way to prewrite for term papers. Brainstorming is a great way to generate topics for papers or ideas for story lines.

What is another word for the word wedding?

Another word for wedding is Marriage. Another word is Matrimony

What is another word for the word although?

Another word is but

Another word for excellent?

Superb is another word for excellent. Superb is another word for excellent.