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What is another word for rich potting soil?


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it is called loam and is very rich and very black

No, the word soil is a common noun, a word for any soil of any kind.A proper noun is the name of a specific person, place, thing, or a title; for example:Soil Erosion Lake, Augusta, GADept. of Soil Science, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NCScotts SuperSoil Potting Soil"Poisoned Soil", a novel by Tim Young

Another word for the soil layer is the soil horizon. It typically differs from a different layer because of characteristics like permeability and composition.

Another word for rich is wealthy

Wealthy people.Typhoon is a rich person.

I had a fragment of wood mixed in with the potting soil.The police analyzed the fragment of metal to see if they could use it to identify the killer.

Zinc, a mineral found in egypts rich soil.

If you meant wealthy then rich

Plush: another word/word's for are: luxurious/, rich/, in wealth--accomodation' are considered/wealthy-rich unique if you will. Hope I have helped: Thankx, Victorianlady359

earth, ground, dust, dirt, territory

Healthy, good soil, fertile. fertile soil is also near rivers, and oceans.

Affluent, moneyed, prosperous, rich, well-to-do

Affluent Loaded Opulent Prosperous

slit in the soil or slice in the Tera firm

Fatty, rich, greasy, unctuous, distressed, pitiable...

Wealthier people/ wealthy people? Rich folks can be called well heeled, the wealthy, and affluent.

I'm not sure if this is the word you are looking for but one is............... Scoria

earth's crust, soil layer, outer layer

Vivid . . . Bright . . . Colorful . . . Rich . . . Vibrant . . . Lively . . . Gaudy . . .

wealthy wealthy, well-off, affluent, prosperous, loaded

The rich, the affluent, the prosperous, oligarch, millionaire, billionaire.

upper class, elite, high brow, rich

Wealthy typically means that someone has a lot of money or riches. Another word could be rich, moneyed, well off, prosperous, or comfortable.

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