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Another word for right handed people is "dextral"


For left handed people "sinistral"

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Q: What is another word for right handed people?
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What is another word for left handed people?

If you're left handed you are called a lefty. Another word for left handed is southpaw.

Are there more right handed people then left handed people?

Most humans are right handed but this may be as a result of centuries of disapproval of left handedness and therefore children were forced to be right handed in case they were accused of being odd or 'of the dark side'. The word sinister means to be on the left in heraldic language. In France a sinistre is a fire started deliberately. It has dark connotations whereas to be dextrous or have dexterity is to be on the right and be quick handed. Left handedness is inherited and along with red hair may be a genetic trait of Neanderthal man.This is of interest but not proven to be true.

What is Tagalog word for right handed?

Tagalog Translation of RIGHT HANDED: kanan ang gamit

What is the word that means oyur left handed and right handed?


What is the word if you're left handed and right handed?


I am looking for an antonym for adroit as describes right handed. Isn't there a word describing left handed that is a perjorative term -- as right handed was considered superior?

The word "sinister" can mean "to the left".

What is another word for passed and handed?


What is another word for given?

handed over

What is another word for handed to them?

Gave, distributed.

What word is the longest word with only the right handed?


Which hand do most people write with?

I believe the word to describe the hand you write with would be called your dominant hand.

What is the etymology of the word ambidextrous?

The word ambidextrous originated in the 1640s from the Latin word ambidexter, meaning "right-handed on both sides." (Ambi is a prefix for "both" and dexter means "right-handed.")