What is another word for sharpen?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Another word for sharpen is improve.

Example: He took a class to sharpen his skills.

He took a class to improve his skills.

The two example sentences mean the same thing.

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Q: What is another word for sharpen?
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How do you use the word sharpen in sentence?

I need to sharpen the knife.Education will sharpen your knowledge.

What is another word for Intellect?

A verb for intellect is impart. As in "to impart your knowledge". Assert or sharpen can also be used as verbs for intellect.

What is a sentence using the word dugout?

I'd better sharpen my axe before I start on another dugout canoe project. My supplies were in that dugout!

What is the root word for the word sharpening?

Sharpen Sharp is the root of both

How do you sharpen a samurai sword?

You get another blade and blunten it

Where is the verse that says iron sharpen iron in the Bible?

proverbs 27:17. it is a bible verse that means a person sharpen another person.

How do you use the word knife in a sentence?

Sure, here's a sentence using the word "knife": "I carefully used the sharp knife to slice through the ripe tomatoes for the salad."

What is a 4-letter word that means to sharpen a knife?


Is sharpener a noun?

yes because it it a thing remember a noun is a person place or thing

What does the word hone mean?

Hone can be used as a noun or as a verb. As a noun, it is a whetstone used to sharpen razors. As a verb, it can mean to sharpen something, or to make perfect.

How many syllables does the word sharpener have?

"sharpener" has 3 syllables. "to sharpen" is an easy step to finding the amount of syllables. 'sharpen" has 2 syllables, which means "sharpener" has 3.

What is a sentence with the word expertise in it?

My expertise is writing and storytelling.Education will sharpen your expertise.