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Mental health day,

Playing hooky,

personal day,

and excuses for if you get caught:

What are you talking about i was in class?

I got lost

we had class?

i was abducted

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Q: What is another word for skipping school?
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No, there is no adverb form of skipping. The word skipping is the present participle of the verb to skip. Well, it may or may not be an adverb depending upon the usage if the work "skipping" answers questions such as "how," "when," "where," "how much" in that scenario it would be an adverb. So, in the sentence I am skipping. Skipping is clearly not an adverb, but in a sentence like I went to the school skipping, skipping is an adverb

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school burned down

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We're trying to deter students from skipping school by rewarding consistent attendance. Does punishment deter crime?

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What is the word for intenionally missing class?