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Q: What is another word for someone who pumps some else up?
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How can you get into another relationship when you are in love with someone else?

You don't. Some people think it will help by dating someone else to get over the person they are still in love with when in truth they are just lieing to themselves and using an innocent heart. If you still love that person then you won't think about anyone else. Just remember that you don't need someone else to make you who you are.

Will a girl go out with someone else to make you jealous?

Yeah. Because some girls are trifiling and will do anything to make another person mad or jealous. Some just dont care about other peoples feelings and will use them and their emotions just to get revenge on someone else.

Would you be friends with some who ingores you works with someone else and asks for your food?

i think you should give them another chance if they carry on then no friends

When boy is cummited with a girl and tok about some other girl what this mean?

In this case he has fallen for another girl, while dating someone else.

When someone else dream another winning lottery?

its basically some 1 who is clos eto you u seee him winning or are possive about EG:- your sister brother

Who is responsible for damages if you are not insured driving someone else vehichle?

The driver is always responsible. It is the drivers obligation to verify insurance before getting behind the wheel. If you have insurance on another vehicle you may have some liability insurance covering YOU when you get in someone else's vehicle. Check with your agent.

Can you sign someone else's name?

No, in some cases it is illegal.

What are some of George Washington's traits and why?

Ask someone else.

During the Great Depression some people worked as tenant farmers?

Farming land that was owned by someone else.

What are some reasons one would go somewhere disguised as someone else?

There are quite a number of various reasons that a person would go somewhere disguised as someone else. One reason would be a costume party. Another reason would be doing undercover or reconnaissance work.

Why would someone sue someone else?

Some would sue someone else if there was a wrong or harm done to them and they wanted to get back their damages in some form. For example, if someone smashed a man's car, he might sue them for the money needed to repair his car.

What if your dating a guy and he asks another girl to prom?

Maybe the guy just needs some space from you. Or maybe you should ask another Guy to the prom. * If a guy your dating asks someone else to prom, he doesn't think much of you or your feelings. I say act like its nothing, and go to prom with someone else if you can. Personally i would not go out with him again.