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unique, original, one-of-a-kind, leader

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2010-03-14 20:49:14
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Q: What is another word that mean being different then other people?
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Why do people hate other people for being different?

People hate other people for being different, because they are either jealous or insecure about themselves so they have to act mean or say rude things to make themselves feel better about themselves.

Why do people hate one another if they are different?

People have always feared and hated anything different - it is usually because they don't understand the other people.

Is being a teacher hard?

It is hard but also fun. Other people have a different answer.

What is the different in other the other and another?

other-something that is different from ____, or apart from another-in addition to, or a substitute

Being funny is the tendency of something to do what?

Being funny is subjective to different people but it tends to make other people smile. Being funny can be an action or something that is said.

How many colered people in The Bible?

This is not known as there is no mention anywhere of coloured people as being any different to any other people.

Difference between another and other?

other = different another= additional

Why might people migrate to one region to another?

People may migrate from one region to another for economic opportunity. Other people migrate because they have family in different areas.

Who were the the people being placed into concentration camps?

Jews, homosexuals and other people that Hitler thought was different (in a bad way).

What is another synonym for another?

different, additional, other

What makes the stories of one culture different from the stories from another culture?

Because in other places people think other way

Do you agree or disagree that people who do not do well on traditional intelligence tests possibly being intelligent in other areas?

Different people will have different opinions. Personally, I agree with that statement.

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