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Q: What is answer to h75 in kumon?
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Why did the man who made Kumon call it Kumon?

Kumon Learning Centers, and the Kumon method they teach, are named for their creator, Toru Kumon.

Where does Toru kumon live?

In Kumon Office

Where are the locations of kumon?

Kumon is all over the US.

When did Toru Kumon die?

Toru Kumon died in 1995.

When did kumon start?

Toru Kumon invented Kumon. His son was having difficulty with maths at school. To help his son he made up Kumon. Soon he was good at maths. All the parents asked him how he was so good. Now there is Kumon all over the world.

When was Toru Kumon born?

Toru Kumon was born on March 26, 1914.

When was Hiroaki Kumon born?

Hiroaki Kumon was born on 1966-10-20.

What is Toru Kumon's birthday?

Toru Kumon was born on March 26, 1914.

What does kumon stand for?

kumon must stand for come on as in a way of bring an wasting your money there

When was Kumon Leysin Academy of Switzerland created?

Kumon Leysin Academy of Switzerland was created in 1990.

How old is Kumon Institute?

In 1954, Kumon began to teach his oldest son, who was doing poorly in mathematics in primary school, and developed what would later become known as the Kumon method.

What is the Kumon slogan?

Kumon's motto is 'Math. Reading. Success. Be truly amazing!'.