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Protective Footwear Requirements
Document Number: 252
Referenced in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 29 are the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA's) guidelines for Occupational Foot Protection (1910.136). This regulation refers to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) American National Standard for Personal Protection - Protective Footwear (ANSI Z41) for its performance criteria. On March 1, 2005, ANSI Z41 was withdrawn and replaced by two new American Society of Testing Material (ASTM) International Standards. The new ASTM standards are F2412-05 Standard Test Methods for Foot Protection and F2413-05 Standard Specification for Performance Requirements for Foot Protection. This document provides an overview of the OSHA standard, the ANSI performance criteria and the ASTM performance requirements. Occupational Foot Protection According to 1910.136(a), "Each affected employee shall wear protective footwear when working in areas where there is a danger of foot injuries due to falling or rolling objects, or objects piercing the sole, and where such employee's feet are exposed to electrical hazards." Appendix B to subpart I identifies the following occupations for which foot protection should be routinely considered: shipping and receiving clerks, stock clerks, carpenters, electricians, machinists, mechanics and repairers, plumbers, assemblers, drywall installers and lathers, packers, wrappers, craters, punch and stamping press operators, sawyers, welders, laborers, freight handlers, gardeners and grounds keepers, timber cutting and logging workers, stock handlers and warehouse laborers. ASTM F2413-05 Requirements The ASTM F2413-05 standard covers minimum requirements for the design, performance, testing and classification of protective footwear. Footwear certified as meeting ASTM F2413-05 must first meet the requirements of Section 5.1 "Impact Resistant Footwear" and Section 5.2 "Compression Resistant Footwear". Then the requirements of additional sections such as metatarsal protection, conductive protection, electric shock protection, static dissipative protection and protection against punctures can be met. Protective footwear can meet all the requirements of the ASTM standard or specific elements of it, as long as it first meets the requirements for impact and compression resistance. All footwear manufactured to the ASTM specification must be marked with the specific portion of the standard with which it complies. One shoe of each pair must be clearly and legibly marked (stitched in, stamped on, pressure sensitive label, etc.) on either the surface of the tongue, gusset, shaft or quarter lining. The following is an example of an ASTM marking that may be found on protective footwear:
ASTM F2413-05
M I/75/C/75/Mt75
CS Line #1: ASTM F2413-05: This line identifies the ASTM standard - it indicates that the protective footwear meets the performance requirements of ASTM F2413 issued in 2005. Line #2: M I/75 C/75 Mt75: This line identifies the gender [M (Male) or F (Female)] of the user. It also identifies the existence of impact resistance (I), the impact resistance rating (75 or 50 foot-pounds), compression resistance (C) and the compression resistance rating (75 or 50 which correlates to 2500 pounds. and 1750 pounds of compression respectively). The metatarsal designation (Mt) and rating (75 or 50 foot-pounds) is also identified. Lines 3 & 4: PR CS Lines 3 and 4 are used to identify footwear made to offer protection from other specific types of hazards referenced in the standard. They are used to designate conductive (Cd) properties, electrical insulation properties (EH), footwear designed to reduce the accumulation of excess static electricity (SD), puncture resistance (PR), chain saw cut resistance (CS) and dielectric insulation (DI), if applicable. Line 4 is only used when more than three sections of the ASTM standard apply. Conductive (Cd) footwear is intended to provide protection for the wearer against hazards that may result from static electricity buildup and to reduce the possibility of ignition of explosives or volatile chemicals. The footwear must facilitate electrical conductivity and the transfer of static electricity build up from the body to the ground. The electrical resistance must range between zero and 500,000 ohms. Electrical shock resistant (EH) footwear is manufactured with non-conductive electrical shock resistant soles and heals. The outsole is intended to provide a secondary source of electric shock resistance protection to the wearer against the hazards from an incidental contact with live electrical circuits, electrically energized conductors, parts or apparatus. It must be capable of withstanding the application of 14,000 volts at 60 hertz for one minute with no current flow or leakage current in excess of 3.0 milliamperes, under dry conditions. Static dissipative (SD) footwear is designed to provide protection against hazards that may exist due to excessively low footwear resistance, as well as maintain a sufficiently high level of resistance to reduce the possibility of electric shock. The footwear must have a lower limit of electrical resistance of 106 ohms and an upper limit of 108 ohms. Puncture resistant (PR) footwear is designed so that a puncture resistant plate is positioned between the insole and outsole. It is an integral and permanent part of the footwear. Devices constructed of metal must pass the ASTM B117 Practice for Operating Salt Spray (Fog Apparatus) corrosion resistance testing. The device must show no sign of corrosion after being exposed to a five percent salt solution for 24-hours. The puncture resistant footwear must show no signs of cracking after being subjected to 1.5 million flexes and have a minimum puncture resistance of 270 pounds. *Click here for puncture resistant Protecta Pac Boots #24258. Chain saw cut resistant (CS) footwear is designed to provide protection to the wearer's feet when operating a chain saw. It is intended to protect the foot area between the toe and lower leg. This footwear must meet the ASTM F1818 Specification for Foot Protection for Chainsaw Users standard. Dielectric insulation (DI) footwear is designed to provide additional insulation if accidental contact is made with energized electrical conductors, apparatus or circuits. It must meet the minimum insulation performance requirements of ASTM F1117 (Specification for Dielectric Footwear) and be tested in accordance with ASTM F1116 (Test Method for Determining Dielectric Strength of Dielectric Footwear). *Click here for SERVUSĀ® Dielectric Boots and Overshoes #83388, #83389, and #83390.
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