What is back in Spanish?

Updated: 10/10/2023
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A flipper (used in Scuba diving, for example) is "una aleta"-- this word has been changed to a verb "aletear" which would mean literally "to flipper."

There is a learning-aid called 'The Flippers' (registered trade mark) published by Christopher Lee Publications, by which file-like pages of information can be 'flipped' to find the information sought quickly. One of them is for Spanish Grammar, including Verbs. Is this what the question relates to?

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Ser: To Be

yo soy- I

tu eres-you are

usted/ella/el es-you are/he/she/it is

nosotros/nosotras somos- we are

vosotros/vosotras sois- you are(plural)

ustedes/ellos/ellas son-you/they are

Ok then, me gusta is a back to front verb but not sure why.

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As in the body part, "la espalda". To come back is "volver" or "regresar".

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Q: What is back in Spanish?
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