What is barebacking?

Updated: 11/11/2022
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it is having sex with a woman without using a condom.

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Q: What is barebacking?
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What does gay breeding mean?

Gay breeding is when one guy ejaculates into another guy. AKA: unprotected sex, barebacking.

Can a men put a penis inside other men ass?

Yes, especially if one of them is a 10-year old choir boy and the other a celibate senior-citizen catholic priest, but, sadly I digress... ummm... but yea... another term for that would "barebacking." Though it should be noted that there are several risks when it comes to anal sex, including physical damage and infections, including: HIV, gonorrhea, chlamydia and HPV (which has been shown to be related to most cases of anal cancer) Also, minor side note... some kind of lubricant would be advised... KY JELLY!!! jk anyways... love and intercourse, Hunter Rowland

Is damien lucas HIV positive?

Considering the amount of barebacking he has done with clients in the past, it seems highly likely. In fact, he comes up as "poz friendly" in dudesnudes when you do a search. I have also heard that he has a drug problem, and no longer looks like he did. Case and point the little Ohio boy (Brian), can't cope with the big city life. IMPROVE ANSWER: it is nobodys concern but the person Damien(Brian)beds down with.since the original answer from last year 2009 Brian has in fact had sex and lied about being negative.He is Positive and its very sad knowingh how many this individual has shortened their lives.He doesnt have a drug problem.drugs have a problem now that Damien/Brian now sells them for a living. SUPRISE? Not really.the cast of characters he sleeps with just shows a undenialable fact that nobody gets rejected by Brian when it comes to sex and Bums with STD's to the front of the line(R.Martin)....STD packed fun this young one is.its No suprise to everyone he has tempted and tormented with his young boyish body actually can say they have dated him more than to a club to the bedroom