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Barter is the trading of goods without the use of money.

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What happed after they made the bicycle?

They started riding them, got some attention, were asked to build more. Others started building bikes too. Riders started competing...

What happed to the Titanic?

It hit an iceberg and the iceberg crushed the side and water started pouring in, from then the ship stared to sink.

What happed during the escape from the president's house?


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No he isn't but he has more then 117 sticthes.

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evolution is a change over time. yes it does have a purpose because we need to now how it happed and what were the changes

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I think in the next episode of not the next. hes not there because of what happed with fits.

What happed at Guernica?

It was bombed in 1937.

What happed in Arkansas in1803?


What is the main difference between conclusion and results?

A result is what happend because of something but a conclusion is the total ending as in what happed in the end

Tojo what happed to him after war?

He joined a Dojo.

What happed to john Cabot?

no one knows.....

What happed to Hitler?

Committed suicide in 1945

What happed after elizabrth killed marry?


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We partied like it was that year.

What happed to the Jews after they occupied rome?

he farted

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he committed suicide after he was captured

What happed to Japan in the Earthquake?

it made a whole lot of damage

What does deja vu mean?

The feeling something has happed before

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Big show ran over on smackdown

What happed to indentured servents after their service?

They were free to go where they wanted.

What happed to Taylor Swift in1989?

love song band

How do James Madison's accomplishments still contribute to our country today?

well i think he rote a jurnal that happed back then so he wrote to tell us what happed im 10 :p

What happed to the dinosaurs?

The scientist believe the dinosaurs did because of many reasons Some think that a meteor strike the earth and with all the dust that covered the atmosphere the sun light couldn't get in so the plants started to die and with them the plant eaters dinosaurs and with them the carnivores. Other scientists believe the the earth started to get very cold and because the dinosaurs didn't have fur or feathers to protect them self from such harsh temperatures they all eventually died and the dinosaurs that lived under water died because the water froze so the froze too.

Why would the dashboard light up but will not display information on a 1984 corvette?

Because the information cable to the dash is disconnected or has a cold solder connection. I know, it happed to me.

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