What is base flow?

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Where the ground water leakage direction meet into the surface water is called Base flow.

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Q: What is base flow?
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What is a base level test?

base level-The lowest level to which a stream can flow. :)

What is a basal flow?

melting water at base of a glacier

What is the base unit of electric current flow?

That is the amp, or ampere.

What is pre-whirl?

a flow which rotates with the base of centre point

Do arteries have valves that allow blood to flow away from the heart?

There are semi lunar valves at the base of aorta and at the base of the pulmonary artery which prevent the back flow of blood to the ventricles when the ventricles relax.

What controls air flow in a Bunsen-burner?

the air valve at the base of the burner

What has the author G M Neely written?

G. M Neely has written: 'Accelerated convergence for incompressible flow calculations' -- subject(s): Base flow (Aerodynamics), Flow visualization

How does photosynthesis affect the flow of energy in the biosphere?

Photosynthesis is the base of energy flow, because it converts energy from the sun into fuel for plants and animals.

The circuit in a bipolar transistor that carries 5 percent of the current flow is the?

the base circuit

How does a transistor function as an amplifier?

A: The small base current will control the collector current flow by adding a resistor this changes of current flow will be evident as a voltage amplifier.

What do you call the flow of current?

Electron flow, or just current. The more electrons flowing per second, the higher the current.

How the current flow through npn?

A; The base must be positive with respect to the emitter this condition will allow collector current to flow from collector to emitter. If the transistor manage to get saturated the current can flow in both direction. as a switch

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