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Doñas hermosas.

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Q: What is beautiful ladies in spanish?
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How do you say such beautiful ladies in spanish?

"Tantas mujeres hermosas!"

What is a group of beautiful ladies called?

There is not a word that means a group of beautiful ladies. However, lovely ladies or hot mamas is often used to refer to beautiful ladies.

What is a beautiful lady?

A beautiful lady is a lady that is attractive, or very pretty. Beautiful ladies can either be beautiful on the outside, as in to have a nice appearance, and some beautiful ladies are beautiful on the inside.

What is Spanish for three beautiful girls?

dos sen~oritas guapas. (if they're young) dos sen~oras hermosas (if they're more mature)

How do you say beautiful ladies in German?

"beautiful lady" translates as "schöne Frau", "hübsche Frau", "schöne Dame" or "hübsche Dame".

How do you say Hello beautiful ladies in Polish?

hello beautiful in polish

How do you say hello beautiful ladies in spanish?

Hola chicas bonitas In spanish you place the noun (chicas) before the adjective (bonito). Also adjectives must match in number and gender which is why the o is changed to an as.

What is 'Having lunch with beautiful ladies' when translated from English to Italian?

"Having lunch with beautiful ladies" in English is pranzando con le donne belle in Italian.

How do you say Beautiful Mare in Spanish?

bonita means beautiful in spanish

Is Bonita Beautiful in Spanish?

Yes, bonita is the feminine form of beautiful in Spanish.

Which African country having more beautiful ladies?


How do you say beautiful ladies in french?

de belles dames