Big Bang Theory (scientific model)

What is before the big bang?

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It's not certain that there is an answer to this question. The big bang was the beginning of the universe... not stars and planets and stuff. but of the universe itself. The very question of what was "before" may well be meaningless.

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If the Universe was born at the Big Bang, what existed before then?

There was nothing before the big bang

What was life like before the big bang?

There was no "before the big bang". Space AND time started with the big bang.

Did the string theory happen before the big bang?

Unclear as there is no way to know what happened before the big bang, or even if there was a "before the big bang".

What was there before the Big Bang when the universe started?

"Before" the big bang, space and time did not exist as we know them, so saying "Before the Big Bang" does not make sense.

What did space look like before the big bang?

There was no such thing as 'space' before the Big Bang. In fact, there was no such thing as 'before' before the Big Bang. Space and time both began with that event.

Before the Big Bang the universe was much than it is now?

There was no Universe (or time) before the Big Bang.

When the big bang happened were humans alive?

No. The big bang was before the dinos.

Before the big bang what is the temperature of big bang?

We can never see the Big Bang or any time around then because photons were not free to travel through the universe yet. It is possible that before the Big Bang there was no temperature to measure.

What was the big bang called before it blew up?

The big bang isn't just the beginning of space. It is also the beginning of time. As hard as this is to grasp.. there was no before the big bang. Asking what happened before the big bang is like asking what is north of the north pole.

What Was There Before Big Bang?

There was no space, no time, so one cannot imagine what happened "before" the Big Bang.

How old am I if I was born in 15000000000 BC?

To be born then you would have had be born before the Big Bang. There was no "before" the Big Bang.

What was Stephen hawkings contribution to big bang theory?

the hawkings contribution to the big bang theory is that he is trying to explain what is before big bang and the singularities and why did the big bang hppened?

Before big bang?

We can never observe what happened before the Big Bang, if there were such a notion. Not only can't we observe what happened before the Big Bang, but it's even worse than that. The Big Bang was not only the beginning of space, it was also the beginning of time. So there's no such thing as "before" it.

What existed before the big bang theory?

Before the Big Bang theory, most scientists believed the universe was static, or infinitely unchanging. If you mean what existed before the event of the big bang, we can never observe that.

What was the main scientific theory before the big bang?

The scientific theory for before the big bang was that there was nothing, absolutely nothing and when the big bang happened it was the start of space, life and time.

What was inside the space before big bang?

Most theorists will tell you that there was no space at all before the 'big bang'. Space itself began expanding along with the materials in the big bang.

Why did people believe that the solar system was formed by the big bang?

It was formed by the big bang but nobody knows how it was formed or what there was before the big bang

Was helium created before or after the big bang theory?

Helium was created long after the Big Bang, but long before the theory.

What did the world look like before the big bang?

Before the Big Bang, there was no world, nothing. Nothing defies description.

How big do scientists estimate the universe was just before the big bang occured?

The universe came into existence with the Big Bang, so asking how big it was before that is meaningless.

Where in space did the Big Bang occur?

At the time of the Big Bang, all the space was a single point. It started expanding after the Big Bang. In a way, the Big Bang created space and hence, occurred everywhere in it. there was no space or anything else before the big bang there for you can`t say where the big bang happened because there was nothing it could happen in space .the big bang created space and time before that no space no time no no nothing

What was before the big bang theory?

Before the Big Bang theory, many scientists believed that the universe was static, or infinitely unchanging.

Is there any chance to occur the big bang without universe?

Our concept of the "big bang" has no explanation about how or why, but our hypothesis is that there was NOTHING before the Big Bang created the universe.

What do most believe exsisted before the incident known as the big bang?

Nobody currently knows what happened before the Big Bang, or whether there even WAS a "before".

What exsited before big bang?

It is not currently known what happened before - or whether there even was a "before". Some say that time itself started with the Big Bang.