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Q: What is behavior of compact?
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Who was affected by The Mayflower Compact?

The Mayflower Compact was a pledge of behavior that the people who sailed to the New World agreed upon. These people were called pilgrims and landed faraway from their designated place in North America. The Compact contained religious oaths and rules to guide the behavior of the pilgrims to avoid conflicts.

What group of people were affected by The Mayflower Compact?

The Pilgrims who landed in Plymouth were affected by the Pact. It outlined the "rules of behavior" they all agreed upon.

How can you use 'typify' in a sentence?

Diverse technical systems crammed into compact spaces typify modern cities.

Is compact or sub compact smaller?

Sub compact is smaller than compact.

What is a compact?

what is a compact

What is Compact Surfaces?

A compact surface is a surface which is also a compact set. A compact surface has a triangulation with a finite number of triangles.

What is the comparative and the superlative of compact?

comparative: more compact superlative: most compact

What did the compact Mayflower compact do?

The Mayflower Compact established a tradition of direct democracy.

What part of the bone is hard and dense?

compact bone. yah buddy!

Let fx-y be continuous functionprove that if x is compact then fx is also compact?

if x is compact, you are simply multiplying the compact number, therefore, 'fx' will also be compact.

What was the written plan for government drawn up by the plymoth colonists?

The Mayflower Compact

What is the weight of the compact bone?

compact tissue