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Some organisms behave in certain ways that help them survive or reproduce, this is call behavioural adaptation

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Structural Behavioural Physiological

eucalyptus is a plant. no behavior

A pineapple does not have behavioural adaptations.

Hibernation is a form of behavioural adaptation. A behavioural adaptation, as the name suggests, is when an animal's behaviour is modified to enable it to survive certain conditions.

behavioural, structural, physical

behavioural adaptation as puffing up feathers id due to the cold air of surroundings

Some organisms behave in certain ways that help them survive or reproduce,these are behavioural adaptations.

one of the ducks structural adaptations is its webbed feet to keep it a float in water. a behavioural adaptation is that they only feed in shallow water, by wading in the water.

A behavoural adaptation is how an animal acts in its habitat.AND/ORA thing that organisms do to survive in a particular environment, such as the way they feed, breed or move.A behavioral adaptation is something an animal does to survive, like a bird migrating.

snow leopards have many adaptations that influence their behavior.they are active through n

the adaptation of a wolf is there teeth because when they fight they can use there sharp teeth to protect themselves

living in large family herds,providing the members to live upwards 20 years

A behavioral adaptation is something that an animal has to do in order to survive. like some animals migrate becaus its to cold or some animals play dead to fool their predatorsan adaptation that helps an organism enhance either survival or reproduction

Climate of a region affects all organisms living in it. with the constant changes to their environment, food chain and climate, animals must adapt or face extinction. Adaptation is a trait that makes an animal suited to its environment. It can be behavioural or a structural trait. For example:- 1. Moving in large groups is a behavioural adaptation. It helps protect the members of the group from predators. 2. The thick fur coat of a polar bear is a structural adaptation. It helps to protect it against the cold weather. --

A "Physical Adaptation" is when the body of the animal changes in response to a change in its environment or is circumstances within its environment - a new competitor for food or and new food source or a new predator. This is obviously different from a "Behavioral Adaptation" were the animal changes the way it dose things because of changes mentioned above. Physical adaptation usually come with associated behavioural adaptations, but behavioural adaptations can develop in isolation. Two animals of the same species can look identical but exhibit different behaviours because they live in slightly different environments.

What are the behavioural adaptations of the Cassowary

One behavioural adaptation for the Thorny devil is the way it can inflate itself to look bigger, thus deterring predators from coming near. Another adaptation is the way they will hide their head between their front legs and present their false 'head', which is a spiky protuberance on the back of their neck.

behavioral adaptaion of lizards are the manipulated actions of central emotions. so if these emotions are manipulated to extent where there is turmoil and destruction in the contribution to this malnutritioned world of capital territories.fanky

An example of a behavioural adaptation in animals is the way dolphins work together to find food, often "herding" school of small fish up onto reefs and sandbars. The dolphins then take turns to feed while the other dolphins keep the fish herded.

Kangaroos have a number of unique behavioural adaptations, although they seem to have more structural/physical adaptations. Behavioural adaptations include:Kangaroos are more active in the cooler hours of the early morning and the late afternoon. During the heat of the day they are more sedentary, lying around quietly and chewing their cud.They travel and feed in mobs, largely as a protective adaptation.Male kangaroos will fight each other for dominance in a mob. Females will only mate with the dominant male.

Behavioural psychology is another term for behaviourism, an approach to psychology focusing on observable behaviour.

Structural is a physical part of the animal eg. spikes, scales, fur color, etc. Behavioural is something the organism does eg. make a nest, dig a hole, etc.

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