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behind the door is leaf green u enter the Pokemon leaf green world

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What island is the sapphire on in Pokemon LeafGreen?

The sapphire is on Six Island. You need a Pokemon to use cut on the dotted door of the cave.

What do you have to do to get to the third gym in Pokemon sapphire?

Fight Wally who is by the door

Where is the sealed chamber at Pokemon sapphire?

behind the first gym

What's behind the locked door in the old man's house in Mossdeep City in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire and how do you unlock it?

its impossible to get in there unless you have cheats. but there wouldn't be anything in there

Where is the dawn stone in Pokemon Sapphire version?

in the trees behind pikachu

How long does one have to wait for Regice's door to open in Pokemon Sapphire?


How do you get your Pokemon to follow you on Pokemon sapphire?

If it dosent follow u put a leash on it and drag it behind u.

Can you get Mewtwo in Pokemon Sapphire?

YES!!! YOU CAN! BUT!!!!... u need gameshark because it is found behind the door inside the old mans house how he talks about being young i still dont have him

In Pokemon pearl how do you get past the blocked door in the Pokemon mansion?

use action replay but there is nothing behind the door!

How do you get behind the door in island 7 in Pokemon firered?

Get a Pokemon who knows cut and use it on the door. You can't just press "A" at the door though you have to open your Pokemon menu and do it from there.

What is behind the door in the old mans in mossdeep city in sapphire version?

Rare 70th trainer.

How do you unlock the door in the old guy's house in Mosedeep city in Pokemon sapphire?

You can't.

Whats the difference between a ruby and a sapphire?

Pokemon Ruby has Pokemon that Pokemon Sapphire does not and Pokemon Sapphire has Pokemon that Pokemon Ruby does not.

What is behind the boxs covering the door in Pokemon LeafGreen?


Pokemon sapphire what is regirock's puzzle?

read sign, wait two minutes the door will open

In Pokemon platnom how do you get the door open to the house behind the Pokemon center?

In Pokemon platnom the door opens magically when you catch the newest Pokemon CROWLEY caught at an event and when you go tho the door it should be open.

How do you get to the sealed chambers with Pokemon on them in Pokemon ranger guardian signs?

The Pokemon on the doors corispond with the bosses you face in the mission into the temples in the past. Once you defeat one of the bosses, go to the door with that Pokemon's picture on it and it will collapse. But the Pokemon behind the door is not the same as the picture, for instance, behind Drapion's door is a Skuntank.

The door still is not opening to get to regice on Pokemon sapphire what do I do?

Click A on the braille and wait around for 1min. DON'T DO ANYTHING AS THE DOOR WON'T OPEN

How do you complete the sevii island quest on Pokemon fire red?

you must get the sapphire stone go to ...i think seven island and u will see a metal door with writing on it , use cut on the door and get the sapphire stone

How do you get into the door behind Clair in the 8th gym in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver?

You can get into that door by hacking it or activating a cheat on it

Where do you find MrCortnent in sapphire?

He is not in Pokemon: Sapphire. You will not be able to find him. He is in Pokemon: Diamond, Pokemon: Pearl, and Pokemon: Platinum. You will definitely have trouble finding him in Pokemon: Sapphire.

What do you do after you beat dad and earn your fifth Pokemon badge in Pokemon sapphire?

You have to go to Wally's parent next door and get HM 03(Surf).

How do you get into the hot springs in Pokemon sapphire?

you go to the Pokemon center in lavaridge town to the left of the healing place a small door leads you to hotsprings

Where is HM01 in Pokemon Sapphire?

HM01 in Pokemon Sapphire is cut.

Where is eeve pokemon sapphire?

Evee is not availiable in Pokemon Sapphire.