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BATIM is a game where you have to survive Bendy, the ink demon.

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bendy and ink machine suriveing game

style, animation, animated cartoon, cartoon
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Q: What is bendy and the ink machine?
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Bendy and the ink machine?

Bendy and the ink machine is a game that you may think is similar to Mickey. BEndy is a ink drawing that come

Where is Bendy and the ink machine?

batim is placed in new york city but he is truely in a smaller ink machine where he has to watch his cycle forever

Is bendy the ink machine a demon?

Yes he is an ink demon. It also says on posters found throughout the game "the dancing demon"

Who is bendy?

If you are talking about the horror game "Bendy and the ink machine" then the answer is that Bendy was a cartoon character created by Joey drew and Henry Stein, Joey later decides that he wants to bring the characters to life, and that is how the terrifying Ink Demon, Alice Angel, Butcher gang and searchers were created.

Why does ink flow in Bendy and the ink mechain?

Is mettaton Shipping with papyrus

How many chapters are there in BATIM?

Bendy and the ink machine( BATIM for short) is planned to have five chapters. However, only three have been released( so far). Bendy and the ink machine is a horror game released by TheMeatly games about a cartoon that comes to life, vowing to get his revenge on his creator for "betraying him". Chck out the official BATIM website for more info. Go

how to survive bendy and the ink demon?

A lot of things to survive this game it will be long though but I will make more be pateince!

What is behind bendy and the ink mechine?

well nobody knows but chek out the vids and bendy is a well was a cartoon and all he other charctarestry out the games it will fill your sweet dreams whith nightmares so sweet dreams

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