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A blend of Benedictine and Brandy made by the benedictine company.

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Q: What is benedictine and brandy?
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What are the 3 liquors named for or invented by monks?

Chartruse Benedictine Dom Perignon That last one is commonly attributed to being invented by monks, ect, but it is probabally incorrect. His words were 'It tastes of stars." He got that right in my personal opinion.

Is B and B a Cognac?

No. B&B is Benedictine (a cordial) and brandy. The brandy used in it is not Cognac, as it would have to say so on the label if it were. All Cognac is brandy, but only a very small percentage of brandy is Cognac. Under international agreement, only brandy that goes from original growing place of the grapes all the way to eventual bottling in the Cognac region of France can be called "Cognac".

What does B and B stand for?

Bed and Breakfast...Small joints, homesteads or cabins that offer a room to sleep in and the morning meal, for a fee. I think B & B also stands for Brandy and Benedictine, a drink.

Where did the benedictine monks lived?

The Benedictine Monks lived in Italy

When was Benedictine Confederation created?

Benedictine Confederation was created in 1893.

When was Benedictine Academy created?

Benedictine Academy was created in 1915.

When was Benedictine College created?

Benedictine College was created in 1971.

When was Benedictine University created?

Benedictine University was created in 1887.

Where is Benedictine College?

Benedictine College is located in the state of Kansas.

When did Andrew Gordon - Benedictine - die?

Andrew Gordon - Benedictine - died in 1751.

5 Liquor names beginning with B?

Bombay (gin), Bacardi (vodka), Bailey's (cordial), Ballantine (scotch), Black Velvet (whiskey) or consider Benedictine, Black Sambuca, Blue Curaco, Bourbon, Brandy, Becherovka, Barenjager,

What is benedictine order?

An Italian Monk created this early code called the Benedictine Rule, and those who followed it were called Benedictine monks.