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There is no benefit to anybody.

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Q: What is benefit to join devil worshipers?
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Are Black Veil Brides devil worshipers?

The band Black Veil Brides are not devil worshipers. The lead singer has confirmed that he is an Atheist, but he has stated that they do not worship the devil, or anyone (God or Christ Jesus).

What are the names of all the devil worshipers in pop?


Are the Jonas brothers devil worshipers?

Nooo!! They are Christians!

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I see no evidence they worship the Devil.

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No! Not at all. Just because they do a lot of screaming and cursing (they also have dark lyrics) doesn't mean they are devil worshipers. It has nothing to do with the mask too.

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No. They are spiritual but not religious.

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Very unlikely. Smith is one of the most common names in the US; there are actually 2,747,407 people named Smith. If they were devil worshipers, that many would be pretty hard to hide.

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A newspaper obituary is a public honoring of a person's life and notice of death. It has nothing to do with devil worship.