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Whether conventional or non-conventional is better is a matter of opinion and circumstance. Different people have different answers.

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Q: What is best conventional or non conventional?
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What are the conventional and non conventional energy sources in the Philippines?

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Which is the best non conventional energy source?


Definition of conventional and non conventional energy?

Definition of conventional and non conventional energy

Which is a better source of energy conventional and non conventional sources of energy?

non conventional

What is the meaning of non conventional?

The meaning of the word non-conventional is: not established by accepted usage or general agreement. In layman's terms, non-conventional means non-traditional.

What is a non conventional source?

A Non-Conventional source doesn't interact with objects.

How convert conveniotional energy into non conventional energy?

You don't. There is no difference in the type of energy, between the "conventional" and "non-conventional" types. What makes energy conventional or non-conventional is the SOURCE - a conventional source being one that has been used for a long time.

Difference between conventional and non conventional resource of energy?

The difference between conventional and non conventional energy resources is that conventional energy resources are much more common. An example of a conventional energy resource would be oil, a non conventional energy resource would be solar power.

What are conventional n non conventional sources?

Sources of what?

What do you mean by non-conventional resources?

Non Conventional resources means resources that are not conventional. A conventional resource are the ones that are commonly used (like a pen or a pencil) a non conventional resources are ones that work but are not commonly used (like an ionic laser)

Conventional non conventional?

Conventional is a traditional way of doing something. Non conventional is doing something in away that is not traditional. For example students going into school and being given a curriculum is a conventional way of teaching. Homeschooling students and letting them choose what they want to learn is non conventional.

What is non-conventional foods?

Is it non-conventional food or non-conventional source? To me, non-conventional food is food I don't normally eat. A non-conventional source would be some way of producing food using non-conventional farming methods, I suppose