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Q: What is best described by binary fusion?
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What function for prokaryotics is described as binary fusion?

prokaryotcsa are in the cells and there function is to carry waste and get rid of it

Which function for prokaryotes is described by binary fission?

reproduction for prokaryotes is described by binary fission.

How does cholera replicate?

By invading the blood cells then reproducing

Is there a difference between binary fusion and cell division?


What is binary fusion?

binary fusion; this term is quite contradictory or redundant. binary involves the splitting of 1 thing into 2 ie; binary fission is the asexual reproduction of single-cell organisms and involves the single cell splitting into 2 cells. and fusion, root word fuse, is to mold or adhere 2 or more parts, things whatever together into one. so i would venture to say that binary fusion would mean the molding(fusing) of 2 parts into 1.The fusing of two protons into Helium.

Is parential identity lost during binary fusion and multiple fusion?

No, the progeny is identical, (not including any other factors.)

Which function for prokaryotes is described for binary fission?


What described by binary fission?

the way prokaryotes reproduce

What is Asexual reproduction in which new individuals arise from outgrowths of existing ones?

binary fusion

What is the process of binary fission in leshimenia?

The process of binary fusion in leshimenia begin with the the flagella. Leshimenia has a whip like tail on one end which aids in the fission.

The term binary fission is best applied to?

the term binary fission is best applied to

What methods of making rdna could be described as hit or miss?

Protoplast Fusion