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One poignant passage from "Son of the Mob" by Gordon Korman is when the main character, Vince, wrestles with the moral dilemma of his father being involved in organized crime while he knows it is wrong. This inner conflict adds depth to the story and challenges the reader to question their own beliefs about family loyalty and doing the right thing.

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Q: What is best passage in son of the mob?
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When was Son of the Mob created?

Son of the Mob was created in 2002.

What is the falling action of the son of the mob?


What is the exposition of the Son of the Mob?

The exposition of "Son of the Mob" introduces the protagonist, Vince Luca, who is the son of a notorious mob boss and trying to live a normal life. It sets the stage for the conflicts that arise as Vince navigates the challenges of balancing his family's criminal ties with his desire for a typical teenage experience.

What is alex'x last name in son of the mob?

Alex Tarkanian

What car does Vincent drive in the son of the mob?

In "Son of the Mob" by Gordon Korman, the main character Vince drives a blue Porsche 911. The car serves as a symbol of his wealthy and glamorous lifestyle, contrasting with his family's involvement in organized crime.

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Who is the best actor for mob movies?

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Where does Vince go to confront Ray in the book Son of the mob?

In the book "Son of the Mob", Vince goes to the pier to confront Ray. It is a tense moment as Vince accuses Ray of deception and involvement in criminal activities, leading to a heated confrontation between the two characters.

How would you describe Vince Luca in Son of the Mob?

Vince Luca is the best friend of the main character, Vince Luca, in the novel Son of the Mob. He is described as loyal, funny, and always ready to help out his friend in any situation, even if it involves getting into trouble because of Vince's mob connections. Vince is portrayed as a true friend who sticks by the main character through thick and thin.

Setting for son of the mob book?

"Son of the Mob" by Gordon Korman is primarily set in the present-day United States, specifically in a suburb of New York City. The story revolves around a teenager named Vince Luca, who navigates the challenges of being the son of a mob boss while trying to have a normal high school experience. The contrast between Vince's life in a mob family and his interactions with typical teenage activities provides a unique backdrop for the novel.

What are some Vocabulary words for Son of the Mob?

"Organized crime", "underworld", "family business", "risky dealings".