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The best is silly bandz.This is why they are

1.silly bandz are easier to find

2.silly bandz wont break as fast as zanzi bandz

3.silly bandz have a web sight

4.they are cooler and cheaper

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Q: What is better- Silly Bandz or Zany Bandz?
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What came first Silly Bandz or Zany Bandz?

Zany bandz are more awsome silly bandz are harder to find

What is the diffarunce between silly zany and crazy bandz?

A zany band is made in China a silly band is made in Ohio

Are there any brands other than silly bandz?

I just looked at a bunch! There are 7 different brands I think. Googly bandz, strechy shapes, zany bandz, goofy bandz, crazy bandz, and silly bandz.

Is the zany bandz rubber bandz?

The popular fad of the shaped rubber bandz are made by different brands, some stronger and better quality than others, but I will not name them. The shaped rubber bands are sold under different names, including Zany Bands, Rubba Bandz, Silly Bandz and shaped rubber bandz. There are a lot of different brands of them, but basically they are all the same idea.

Is there a two headed silly bandz?

zany bands 2 headed dragon i found mine at krogers

Why do people like Silly Bandz?

Because they're fun to play with and people also like them because people like trading with Silly Bandz to get better Silly Bandz or Silly Bandz they like.

Where can you buy sillybanz in Oviedo Fl?

If you are talking about Silly Bandz, and Zany Bandz, CVS, Wallgreens, and 7-11 are some good places, along with others of that sort.

Top 10 fashions for kids 6 through 11?

1.Silly Bandz!! 2.Silly Bandz!! 3.Silly Bandz!! 4.Silly Bandz!! 5.Silly Bandz!! 6.Silly Bandz!! 7.Silly Bandz!! 8.Silly Bnadz!! 9.Silly Bandz!! 10.Silly Bandz!!

How do you make silly bandz smell better?

spit on it

What package of silly bandz is the porcupine in?

the porcupine silly bandz come in the wild animals pack, but you better hurry, this popular pack sells fast

Which came first silly bandz or goofy bandz?

silly bandz, goofy bandz are just a copied idea.

When was Silly Bandz created?

Silly Bandz was created in 2002.