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Q: What is better Gran Turismo or need for speed?
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Is burnout need for speed or Gran Turismo better for ps3?

defitnetly need for speed pursuit

Which is better for psp Gran Turismo of need for speed shift?

definitely gran turismoby far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is better gran turismo or forza?

Gran turismo is so much better they have been out longer than forza, forza have just tried to copy and make better and failed. Gt5 has so much more car makes and cars in general. Forza is more of a street racing game, dragging, as soon as I hear that need for speed comes to mind. Body kits, need for speed again. Gran tursimo is just strictly racing and made for speed and gran turismo has so many faster cars. Gran tursimo even has a car named after them, masarati gran turismo, sounds good, imagine masarati forza, doesn't sound appeling. I can go on and on but that will do. Gran tursimo is better, better cars and graphics. Gran turismo is the game for motorsport cars not street cars. Buy need need for speed instead of forza I would rather.

Is the polyphony digital formula Gran Turismo in Gran Turismo psp?

i need cheat for car

Do you need to be logged in to use the Gran Turismo 5 dlc?


What ps2 steering wheels are compatible with need for speed carbon need for speed most wanted midnight club 3 and burnout all on ps2?

I think need for speed games (need for speed underground 1, need for speed under ground 2, need for speed most wanted 3, need for speed carbon and need for speed pro street 5 are good games. But i think that gran turismo 1 2 3 4 all are about the same good as burnout 1 2 3 and need for speed 1 2 3 4 5.Also gran turismo games have lots of kool things like lots of cars, races and countrys. So i think that gran turismo games rule. But i have need for speed under ground 2 and i just finish coal habour if you have it if u no what i mean

What games for the psp would you recommend for a 10 year old?

Rachet and Clank : Size Matters Gran Turismo Need for speed : Undercover

Is Gran Turismo 5 better or is need for speed hot pursuit for ps3?

Yhey are very different from each other. Gt5 will last you much longer in gameplay and easily beats nfshp in the amount of cars it has.

What driving games are there for PS2 or PC with working indicators?

The games I can remember are: need for speed (some parts), burnout revenge and GT4(Gran Turismo 4).

How do you unlock the bugatti veyron on Gran Turismo 5?

You need to complete the Gran Turismo World Championship with Gold Trophy in the Professional Series. Or you can buy one for 1,000,000 Credits at the Online Dealership.

CAN YOU Play gran turismo on A PC?

No. You need a PlayStation 3 or PSP/PSP Go.

Can you get grand turismo 5 on x-box 360?

No, Gran Turismo 5 is a PS3 exclusive game. If you want to play it, you need a Playstation.

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