What is better MW2 or bo?

Updated: 10/26/2022
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MW2 has a much better rating i think that there is much more action in it. i only played MW2 and Bo (black ops) demo but i know MW2 is better

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Q: What is better MW2 or bo?
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What COD Game should I get?

All of them I have COD3 COD4 WAW MW2 & BO for the PS3 I mean out of WaW or MW series I have BO and MW2

Will mw3 be better than MW2 and black ops?

Well, it will obviosly be better than Black Ops because MW2 is a lot better that BO and MW3 is supposed to be amazing and the most realistic game in graphics and in story. You have to do what you would do in real life, clean humvees, you have jobs and chores to do, you get in a lot of combat.

What is better cod4 or cod MW2?

Im pretty sure Mw2 is better because i have both and mw2 has a better multiplayer. Mw2- 9 out of 10 Cod4- 8.5 out of 10

Should I get MW2 when BO is already out so I can continue campaign from MW1?


What is better MW2 or a puddle?

MW2 dum,dum. :(

Which is better battlefiels bad company 2 or MW2?


What has better online play for Wii Black Ops or MW2 for?


Is Call of Duty World at War better than cod mw2?

COD MW2 is a much better game than WAW because the guns on MW2 are much better and more powerful. Trust me i know what im saying is true!

Is MW2 better then Call of Duty Black Ops?

They both have the great things and flaws but mw2 is more fun :)

Is black o PS better than MW2?

i think modern warfare 2 had better graphics by quite a lot and mw2 campaign is better then black ops one but i do like black ops zombies i think treyarch has fail to beat mw2 campaign and graphics but multiplayer is just about the same but black ops has got worse killstreaks then mw2

What is better ump45 or p90 on mw2?

ump45 is better by far and when it has silencer it rules

Which game is better Borderland or MW2?

Depends on what kind of game you like more. Personally I think MW2 is better. well yah for me and this other guy i guees by far