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What is better Norton OR CA?


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Norton antivirus products are very popular antivirus and anti-spyware programs in the software market. One of its products is Norton AntiVirus 2009. Many computer users have installed it as their PC security tool. I have used it for a long time, and it is really reliable antivirus software in my opinion.

I don not know about you but i went to collage about computers they say norton makes your computer slow

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Norton is better because norton has sonar and other antivirus programs don't

"The two internet security suites, CA and Norton, offer virtually the same protection in their specifications: malware, spyware, spam, inappropriate content, and lost files. They are also priced similarly, at $48.99 per year for the CA Internet Security Suite, and $49.99 for the Norton Internet Security suite, although CA offers a better discount if you purchase a three year package. However, the Norton suite has been tested by a third party, Dennis Labs, and was the only internet security program to receive a 100% protection score."

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ias is better than ca . since its scope is very wide than ca. GO for it.

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Norton 2010 is more powerfull than eset nod32 ive using norton for 2 years and my computer is always safe

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it depends what type of virus you have got. norton is better if you have got a trojan or tracking cookie but AVG is better for other types of viruses. AVG is beter for all round protection.

Norton security suite is much better. However, it slows down system but it is ranked at good position by various independent test cooperatives.

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McAfee have a slower system while Norton runs faster. On the other hand some features on Norton might be heavy compare on your computer system. McAfee is a user friendly.

No not at all Norton and McAfee are much better

Comparing to the older Norton products 360 is an improvement . But there are better Anti Viruses like Avast and Kyspersky

You can not say either macfee or Norton is bad, both are good anti virus security software.but basic deference difference is Norton is consuming more system momorey as compair to mcafee. and make computer slow

of course norton because it is lighter than bitdefender and some people have noticed internet speed slow down with bitdefender so norton is the best

AVG doesn't do jack. Get norton. Sorry I can't supply information, but from experience I tried AVG, it scans but doesn't remove anything.

AVG antivirus was rated slightly lower than Norton, but still adequate for everyday use. The major complaint was too many false positives. Unlike Norton, AVG is free.

is your norton product key also your norton pin# ?

norton updates every 5-15 mins has really good detection rates mcafee updates every day good detection rates ca updates every day poor detection rates norton is the better one out of the three but prevx is better == Just buy them with cheap price and test them by yourself. Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 Norton 360 3.0 Version McAfee VirusScan Enterprise

an arm and a leg . get avg free miles better .

If you uninstalled Norton correctly, Norton 360 should no longer be there, check in the add/remove programs to make sure norton is gone, if so, contact the Norton customer service to remove norton 360.

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