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The Final Flash and Kamehameha attacks (having been executed by a user who is at SSJ or higher) each present their own strengths and weaknesses.

Final Flash, Vegeta's primary finishing move, has several advantages. The attack is extremely powerful if given adequate charge-up time; as stated by Trunks, the attack is capable of destroying a planet if the user is able to summon enough energy. The attack also has incredible throw distance (as evidenced by when Vegeta attacked Cell the first time, sending the energy beam far into the outer reaches of space), enabling the user to target an enemy thousands of miles away whilst still being effective upon impact. The technique also has several disadvantages. It's greatest drawback lies with the amount of time it takes to charge-up an effective attack; which can be on the order of several minutes. This leaves the user exposed and immobile, thus leaving him vulnerable to attack. In addition, it isn't an add-as-you-go attack, meaning it is only as powerful as the total energy put into it at the time of release. In addition, the target must remain in the same position both during and after the attack is released; this limits is effectiveness to targets who are either extremely bold or the nearly-beaten.

A Kamehameha wave attack has its own advantages. Unlike the Final Flash technique, a Kamehameha attack can be charged-up very quickly; the time required for this is on the order of seconds. While the attack has almost always been executed in a stationary position, it is nonetheless versatile with other techniques; one example of its versatility can be seen when Goku was able to use the Instant Transmission technique whilst charging-up the attack. It's greatest advantage lies in the fact that it is a add-as-you-go attack, meaning that once the attack is released the user can continue to add energy to it to make it more effective; like the Final Flash technique, if enough energy is concentrated into it, it can potentially destroy a planet. Like the Final Flash technique, this attack also has disadvantages. It's greatest drawback lies in the amount of chi required to deliver an effective attack; when attempting to counter another add-as-you-go attack, the user is forced to continually add more energy to the Kamehameha to prevent being overtaken by his adversary's attack. This almost always results in the user being depleted of his energy following the attack, leaving him extremely vulnerable as he is unable to defend himself from any subsequent energy attacks that may come from his enemy. The attack also lacks the throw distance the Final Flash technique possesses, as evidenced when Gohan killed cell; the attack dissipated shortly after leaving Earth's atmosphere.

A question asking what attack is "better" is too ambiguous as it doesn't specify the circumstances at the time the attack is initiated. If a target is stationary and will likely remain so for a long period of time (such as when an enemy has been beaten or nearly-so and needs to be dispatched), the Final Flash technique would seem to be the better choice as it doesn't drain as much chi as the Kamehameha and can be effective at long range; however, if a target is still able to fight or has sent an strong attack toward the user, the Kamehameha would most likely prove more effective.

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Is kaioken 20xkamehameha stronger than super kamehameha?

No Super kamehameha is better because he does it when he is in full power super saiyan(the stage before making ssj2). I don't think kaioken x20 kamehameha will ever compete against a super kamehameha.

What are gogetas moves in order?

100x big bang kamehameha soul punisher dragon fist explsion dragon fist final kamehamhea big bang kamehameha super kamehameha super explosive wave kamehameha galic gun

How do you unlock Final Destination in Super Smash Flash?

The Final Destination place is available after you unlock all the characters in Super Smash Flash.

Is the final kamehameha stronger than the big bang kamehameha?

Well Vegito used the Final Kamehameha as a Super Saiyan and Gogeta used the Big Bang Kamehameha as a Super Saiyan 4. So judging by the characters that they are used by then the Big Bang Kamehameha wins hands down. Then of course, the Final Kamehameha failed to destroy a weakened Buu but the Big Bang Kamehameha almost destroyed a fully powered Sin Shenron and if the fusion hadn't run out just as the second was about to be fired it would have finished Sin permanantly, something that only the Spirit Bomb with energy from the entire universe managed. Therefore the Big Bang Kamehameha was far more powerful. Actually SSJ4 was used in this therefore powering up the Big Bang Kamehameha SSJ gogeta is known to do it but cannot for some reason the creators didnt add it in Final Kamehameha failed to destroy buu yes and sin shenron is indeed stronger but Gt isn't official so SSJ4 couldn't hardly exist But if they fused against Buu by fusion dance And did the big bang kamehameha It wouldn't destroy buu either but if GT were offical And Vegito was in it and could go ssj4 than there would be a difference Big bang attack is weaker than final flash Kamehameha is powerfull and I belive it was said that The potara fusion was 10x stronger than the fusion dance (I belive so if im wrong correct me) Thus resulting in Final kamehameha With ssj4 Vs Big Bang Kamehameha in ssj4 There wouldn't be much of a power difference but Final Kamehameha has slight more power than big bang kamehameha

How many kamehamehas are there?

There are 49 kamehamehas that I know of. Heres the list:Original KamehamehaInstant KamehamehaKamehamehaSuper KamehamehaBros. KamehamehaFather-Son KamehamehaBig Bang KamehamehaBig Bang Kamehameha x100Kamehameha x100Kamehameha WaveTurtle Destruction WaveTurtle Devastation WaveKamehame WaveMaximum Power KamehamehaJet KamehamehaFeet KamehamehaTrue KamehamehaKaio-Ken KamehamehaMaster-Student KamehamehaDouble KamehamehaFeint KamehamehaAngry KamehamehaFlying KamehamehaWarp KamehamehaInstant Transmission KamehamehaMultiple KamehamehaStanding KamehamehaSolar KamehamehaFamily KamehamehaTrue Family KamehamehaFlashing KamehamehaUltimate KamehamehaFinal KamehamehaChocolate KamehamehaKamehameha x10Dragon Kamehameha x10Kamehameha x5Grandfather-Grandaughter KamehamehaBluff KamehamehaEvolution KamehamehaConcentrated KamehamehaFocused KamehamehaImitation KamehamehaBending KamehamehaGuided KamehamehaAll Out KamehamehaScatter KamehamehaDodohamehaUpside Down Kamehameha

What is better Super Smash Bros. Flash or Super Smash Bros. Rumble?

I think Super Smash Bros. Flash but it is your choice.

What is smash ball in Super Smash Flash 2?

It is what gives a fighter their final smash.

What is Goku's devastating super move?


How do you do kamehameha in Super Dragon Ball Z?

You have t shape your hands in a crescent position and say Kamehameha.

How do you unlock bowser in Super Smash Flash 2 v0.8?

You don't. Or better yet, you wait for the final demo or the complete game (ganondorf has much more power, though).

What are all of gokus moves?

kemehameha kioken spirite bomb super spirite bomb unvresle spirite bomb super kamehameha dragon fist super dragon fist kamehameha x 10 super drsgon fist kamehameha x10 punch instant transmission wild sense one haned spirite bomb meteor rush angry kamehameha ki super explosive wave fire wave

What secret people are in Super Smash Flash 2?

Black Mage, from Final Fantasy (series).

How do you fly in super Mario flash 2?

hay youtube aym hav final battle

When will Super Smash Flash 2 0.9 come out?

Gays i know that super smash flash v0.9a will be released on 13 jan 2013 and it has 5 more characters and its graphics are way better the super smash flash v0.8b.Many things are changed in it and it will be awesome

Can you unlock super shadow in Super Smash Flash 2 version 0.8b?

Shadow is not a playable character in Super Smash Flash 2 (v.0.8b) yet he is expected to appear in the full game, with Super Shadow being a form utilized as his Final Smash.

How do you do Lloyd's final smash in Super Smash Flash 2?

press special attack when next to somebody

What is gohan's strongest attack?

probably super masenko or kamehameha.

What is Super Smash Flash?

Super Smash Flash is a flash version of Super Smash Bros. It is not an official version of the Super Smash Bros. series.

Super Smash Flash 2 Shadow?

Shadow is not in super smash flash 2. If he was there would be a walkthrough to get him.But just try to hack the game, feel better. Good Luck!!!

Can you use family kamehameha in Dragon Ball raging blast?

Unfortunatly, no. You can do Father-Son Kamehameha with Super Saiyan 2 Gohan though. Actually you can just be super saiyan gohan and have super saiyan goten on your team -- dbz11

Can pan turn super saiyan?

yes but she dont want to kamehameha

What are the release dates for Dragon Ball - 1986 Super Kamehameha 5-22?

Dragon Ball - 1986 Super Kamehameha 5-22 was released on: USA: 12 November 2003

Where can you download Super Smash Flash 3?

there is no super smash flash 3

Is Super Smash Flash 2 just like Super Smash Bros Brawl?

Yes but in super smash flash 2,there are different characters like Sora,Tails,Goku,Ichigo,and more characters.Also there are different stages like a stage from Super Mario Galaxy and a stage from Dragon ball Z and more.And also the final balls are in the game super smash flash 2(but there will be all of the characters and stages in version 1.0)So Super smash flash 2 and Super smash bros brawl are 70% the same.

How do you get black mage in Super Smash Flash 2?

Play 10 brawls.You can't control his final smash,though.