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World of Warcraft <untetected infliction>

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Q: What is better World of Warcraft guild wars or runescape?
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Games like World of Warcraft?

runescape, lord of the rings online, guild wars

What is better then RuneScape?

In my opinion, no games are better than RuneScape. But you still have other options, you can play Guild Wars which I have not played. There is also World of Warcraft, a 3D MMORPG with two huge planets to explore.

Which is better World of Warcraft or guild wars?

It depends on your individual gaming preferences. Personally, I prefer World of Warcraft though.

Is World of Warcraft better than guild wars?

Depends who you are in my opinion YES

What are good games like runescape?

World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, Entropia, Shaiya, Realm of the Mad God and Allods.

What game has more people on it guild wars or world of worldcraft?

World of Warcraft does but they are different styles in my own opinion Guild wars is better

Which is a better game world of Warcraft or guild wars?

Having played both games I can say that World of Warcraft is by far the better game. Granted you have to pay the monthly fee, but the content that is available in WoW far surpasses that in Guild Wars.

Is there a game better than RuneScape?

My answer..... (Rsc Veteran) It's a matter of opinion. Some people argue games like WoW (Word of Warcraft) and Guild Wars are better. But personally I'd rather play RuneScape :)

How do you leave a guild?

OK better be world of warcraft but you type in /gquit on the chat bar then enter

What is better Guild Wars or World of Warcraft?

IMHO, WoW beats the pants off of GW. I tried GW, but was unsatisfied with the interface and general look/feel of it. I call it "The Poor Man's WoW".

What is Odin's breath?

A World of Warcraft guild.

What are some good RPG or chat games like club penguin runescape or adventure quest?

Well yeh runescape i like. world of warcraft, guild wars, gates of andaron, search for more.