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It will depend on what you prefer, taco's are more meat than a burrito

i actually prefer a burrito

tacos are always better, ALWAYS

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What is the song whose lyrics are Taco taco taco burrito Taco taco taco burrito Taco taco taco burrito Burrito burrito burrito?

Dave Brubeck - Blue Rondo a la Turk

What is the opposite of a taco?

A Burrito!

What does taco taco burrito burrito fajita mean?

It does not actually mean anything. A 'taco, burrito, and fajita' are all foods. It's like saying: Cheese, Cheese, Potatoe, Potatoe, Chicken. No meaning to it.

Do you have to be a taco to work at taco bell?

No you have to be a burrito first, then you get promoted to taco later on.

How do you say Thank you for the cupcakes in spanish?

Burrito Taco Taco Chicken Taco!

How many fat grams are in a taco beef burrito?

How many grams of fat that are in a taco beef burrito depends on where you get it from and what is in it. There are 12 grams of fat in a Taco Bell Beef Burrito, of which 4 g is saturated fat.

Which is healthier a taco or burrito?

a burrito is healthier because it has less stuff in it

What is the difference betwen a taco and a burrito?

A taco is in a tortilla folded over the toppings A burrito is in a tortilla wrapped around the toppings

What did the taco say to the burrito?

"Where is the salsa?"

What kind of cheese goes on a bean burrito at Taco Bell?

The bean burrito at Taco Bell contains Shredded Cheddar Cheese.

How do you prepare a store-made taco or burrito flat bread for a burrito or taco?

They would eat taco dip until there potatoes came to life and became mean. POOPSTAINS

Del taco stoner burrito?


Is rice seedless?

taco burrito and fish

How cool is taco burrito pants?

yes it is

Who would win in a fight a burrito or a taco?

the burrito. all the waythe burrito could easily jump on the taco and it would break into a million piecesI would say the burrito. Tacos can't even stand up on their own, so how can they stand a chance against the mighty burrito?

Does Taco Bell have vegetarian food?

Both their bean burrito and seven layer burrito are vegetarian.

What types of burritos are served at Taco Bell?

There is a wide variety of burritos on for sale at Taco Bell. These include the "Fresco Burrito", the "7-Layer Burrito", and for those who are particularly hungry, the "XXL Grilled Stuft Burrito".

Calories in a taco from taco burrito king?

I'd guess about 300-400 calories.

How many calories in a King Taco burrito?

about 1600

What did the taco say to the burito?

Learn how to spell Burrito.

Two tocas cost 1.30 a taco and a burrito cost 1.55 what is the cost of a burrito?

90 cents.

How much does a 7 layer burrito cost at Taco Bell?

The seven layer burrito costs $1.99.

Is a taco a type of citrus fruit?

No, taco is a hard corn shell for filling with meat, vegetables and other things you like. It is similar to a burrito except a burrito has a soft wrap.

What is a tacorito?

A mexican style dish similar to a taco as it is folded like a taco but also bears resemblance to a burrito but is too large to be folded as a burrito... also see blivett

What is a summary of The Sea of Monsters chapter 20?

There are two tacos and one burrito and the taco gets eaten by the burrito and the burrito dies some how. THE END