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Farm Town is better and was started earlier. I noised that lots of users stopped using farm town when farm ville started. Big mistake, farm town made upgrades far past milking cows, they have a different faculity every week that will make you more coins. The Market place lets you hire people for more coins or experience points. The bar lets you interact with others, the realator lets you purchace more farms and land. There is machines that make all this faster. Lots more

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Q: What is better farm town or FarmVille?
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Is there dirt paths for Farmville?

No, your thinking of Farm TOWN. Hope this helps!

A game that is like YoVille but not YoVille or Farm Town?

You must be talking about Farmville, a game by zynga available on facebookno there is farm town to from fuurevaasmile x

How do you change your user name in farmville?

You can't. Farm Town is the only game that allows you to do that.

Is there anything like FarmVille?

On facebook there are other similar games like Farmville. For example, there is Farm Town, Lil' Farm Life and many others. All have very similar game strategies as Farmville, they just work a little different.

What are some good Facebook apps?

Pet society, Farmville, Mini town, Farm town, Rollacoaster kingdom, I think are quite good.

How do you get unlimited farm cash in farmville?

You can't really get more Farm Cash on Farmville absolutely free, as you often have to pay for it one way or another, even though the offers that they have to get such-and-such farm cash.

How do you put spies on your friend's farm on FarmVille?

You can't put spies on your friend's farm in FarmVille.

How do you change my farm name in FarmVille?

You cannot change your farm name in FarmVille. Hope this helps!

How do you plow on FrontierVille on Facebook?

you don't, its not like farmville, or farm town, fantacy farm, my farm ect..... you just plant stuff :D and they grow harvesting is the same though :D

How do you get farm cash on FarmVille?

You have to Buy it from farmville. with real money

How do you un-install Farmville and then re-install?

How do I re install Farmtown

On facebook is there any games like FarmVille?

Farm Town is the most popular farm game other than Farmville. You can hire people to harvest and plow for you and you don't go through as much fuel as you do on Farmville. It's worth a try. There is also yoville,happy aquarium,fishville,fishworld,island paradise,lil farm life,cafe world and resterant city.i have not played them all so i do not know if they are all like farmville